Business Incubator

In 2010 RCE recognized that through several of our strategic relationships we were performing some of the functions of a business incubator.  Therefore, in mid-2010 we crated the RCE Kingdom Business Incubator/Accelerator.  The incubator is a way for RCE to leverage expertise and influence to assist high potential Kingdom businesses and Kingdom organizations in achieving multiple bottom line success.  The Incubator also serves as a laboratory for ideas that are birthed or spun off of our other programs.  Since its inception the incubator has assisted several pre and post-launch enterprises.  Some of the sectors we have served are: business services, franchising, hospitality, Christian Ministries, and IT.

The incubator does not offer facilities related services at this time.  If you are interested in learning more about the Incubator/Accelerator please contact us.