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BDC Uganda Launch Video

Posted : admin 13 February 2013

Pictures from Uganda!

Posted : admin 13 February 2013

Covering All The Bases

Posted : admin 11 February 2013

The BDC is created to be self-sustaining, but tuition alone cannot cover all the costs. To supplement tuition revenue, the BDC is encouraged to offer training and consulting programs to businesses, governments, and organizations. Moses already has plans to bid on training and consulting business, utilizing the expertise and contacts of the facilitators that were …

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Facilitator Training

Posted : admin 08 February 2013

Although Moses is quiet, he must be very persuasive. The facilitator candidates he attracted are amazing. He told me that he likes to develop relationships before asking for things, but he develops them very quickly. Moses quickly sizes up situations, sees strategic opportunities, and seizes the moment – all great traits in a Country Director. …

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Blast Off!

Posted : admin 06 February 2013

The launch event was a huge success! About 40 influencers and Cohort 1 participants came. Benson Obua-Ogwal (left), a Member of Parliament I met with over the weekend, gave the keynote address, which sounded more like an infomercial for the BDC. He praised the program, saying it was exactly what Uganda needs to be successful. …

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BDC Uganda is Open!!!

Posted : admin 04 February 2013

After Moses, who is the BDC Uganda Country Director, picked me up from the airport in Uganda on Saturday, we had dinner and I settled in to the Shalom Guest House. They put me in a tiny corner room, because it was the only available room that was close enough to the server to get …

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